Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ravric: Meet Kate on the Run

I have only been playing Lord of the Rings Online for a short time, but Disseminated has been playing the MMO since beta. His main is Moondog, the minstrel of small stature apparent in the many posts. Disseminated also has quite a few alts (alternate characters), and one of them is Kaetlyn Austyn, burglar on the run. The Lost (television series) fans should readily know who this character "portrays."

Kaetlyn was heading to the White Hand camps situated around Weathertop and asked for some company. Ravric was in the nearby Midgewater Marshes slicing apart goblins and stealing relics of a bygone age, so it was a quick hope across the Weather Hills to meet her. Maiden was a little jealous, and raised her overarched eyebrows more than once, but Ravric helped out the situation, mightily, by not crying like a girl.

We fought our way through Bleakrift, a White Hand command point. The orcs obviously had some intelligent backing because the ingenuity of their defense - rope bridges causing defensible choke points - was well above an orc's station. Kaetlyn helped readily with her backstabbing and ease of creating Fellowship Maneuvers.

We fought our way to the orc captain Uzorr, and the coward ran back to his tents to wake up his guards. A few came out but between my captain yells, Kaetlyn's excellent use of stuns, and our combined steel, the orcs were quickly vanquished. I also had killed enough crebans (evil crows) to make a feather pillow for someone at the Forsaken Inn. All in all, not a bad day for the Free Peoples.

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Disseminated said...

That was good times. ;-} Storming that little orc fort was satisfying. Stupid green-skins never knew what hit 'em!