Friday, April 18, 2008

Ravric: The End of an Alliance

Being a Captain of some standing, I decided to see if I could go to Andrath to beat Sharkey's captain by myself. Sharkey's men are a very organized group of brigands backed by Saruman, allegedly. I had failed the quest before, and this was mainly because there is one choke point where you will aggro 5 level 13-14 brigand enemies. And even at level 21, with a herald, they wear you down pretty quickly. Luckily I made it through by sheer luck.

I went back to talk to Saeradan, the Ranger stationed in Bree-land, and he told me that Sharkey's men and a group of White Hand orcs were going to ally and possibly overrun Breeland! I had to go to the cave to stop it.

Moondog and I verily went to the cave, which I could not enter prior (due to permissions, bleagh) to stop this evil union. The cave was mostly filled with the same brigands I had been killing throughout Bree.

At the end the Sharkey leaders and the orc leaders were talking. The Sharkey leader ran away, and the orcs stayed to die. Lucky for Breeland we stopped the two forces from combining. However, the evil of the Barrow Downs remained. So we went to the south downs to kill some more of the Dead. Our first stop was Malin, a son of some ditch maiden in Bree. We found his body surrounded by half a dozen wights, and when I poked him he stirred. Verily, he was smote.

We ended the night killing the giant wight, the Boneman. He was the keeper of many lost souls, including the shield brother of a ghost in Bree. With the power of light behind my yells, and, moreso, Moondog's light-filled symphonies coming from his lute, the Boneman too was smote. The evil of the Barrow Downs, however remained.

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