Saturday, April 19, 2008

Moondog: Into Angmar

The North Downs represent the frontier of civilized Men in Eriador, but things were not always thus. The western plains of Fornost were once the capitol of the northern Numenorean kingdom of Arnor. Those days are long past now, and only the small outposts of Trestlebridge (on the border of Bree-land) and Esteldin (nestled in the hills to the East) hold the Orcs of Angmar out of the realms of Men.

To the East of Esteldin is a wild and beautiful valley known as Nan Amlung.

This area is uninhabited by Men but some of the creatures known as Earth-kin have small tribal villages here. Some of the Earth-kin are friendly to to the Free Peoples of Middle Earth... some are not.

This valley is primarily inhabited by the large docile (but dangerous) Aurochs. Disturbingly, Wargs have also been moving in... and it even seems that some of the Angmarim Hillmen who have allied with the fell army of the Eye are setting up encampments.

It was time for this humble Minstrel to make his way from the safe haven of Esteldin up into the dire chasms of Angmar.

This Warg things he has something to nibble on, but neither me nor my pony stick around to give him the chance.

One of the less hospitable Earth Kin taking a stroll. The hulking brute doesn't notice the Hobbit scoot past.Into the intimidating labyrinth of ravines in the Ram Duath we go!

The more noble sort of Earth Kin have a village here. I have exchanged aid with them in the past. Today I am just passing through on my way to the more desolate regions of Angmar where the defiant Hillmen make a stand against the Iron Crown of the Witch King.

This is a harsh landscape. Swooping chasms and tough vegetation.

The Earth Kin make a home here somehow. They must be wary of the spiders that haunt the canyon below, and the drakes that creep the crags above. Not to mention the ever-encroaching Orc forces of Angmar.

The harsh terrain of the Ram Duath was practically inviting compared to the grim landscape of Fasach-larran. Here the northron Hillmen are just barely surviving against the evil onslaught of the Witch King's forces. If it were not for their strength in defense of their homeland, the Free Peoples might not have a chance of breaching the Enemy's domain.

In Aughaire they lead a hard life indeed, and are not very welcoming nor trusting of outsiders. I will see if I can aid their cause and ease the pain of living on the brink of such desolation.

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