Monday, April 21, 2008

Ravric: I, Scholar

Yesterday was not worthy of screenshots. It was a day of pillaging the Midgewater Marshes of broken vases and exploding goblins with one fierce yell, of crawling the auction house for cheap crafting material deals, and running off to nab some fallen storybook being pooped on by wargs so that I could become an Expert Scholar (which I did).

The reason I like the Scholar job is because I was an herbalist/alchemist in World of Warcraft, and I enjoy creating buffs. Sadly, LotRO has nowhere near the amount of potion-type buffs that WoW has, but I still enjoy it. The biggest asset is the healing and energy potions to provide a quick boost in combat. This is especially good and almost necessary for risky solo play. I feel like burning through potions is not a big deal anymore because they are so easy to make. I can also make a small defensive buff and a small damage buff.

It's a decent Crafting System, and has some cool features, such as critically succeeding on a crafting roll to get more and better output. However, I really did not like their decision to choose a profression, each having three jobs, instead of just being able to choose three jobs. It would have been nice to customize a little more.


Theodwine said...

I'm working on GM Scholar, and find it a difficult, thankless profession to level, for the most part. In time, you will find it has little to do with alchemy, as you craft items used by specific classes, buffing scrolls, dyes (something WoW lacks), and scrolls that increase crit chance when crafting for all the professions.
I would like for the other types of potions that exist in the game to be added as Scholar recipes -- specifically the potions that remove the various types of debuffs. The types of potions found in WoW are either irrelevant here or replaced by buff skills wielded by various classes.

Ravious said...

Yeah, I find that the Battle/Defense scrolls and the Athelas potions are the shining jewels of the profession, and the rest is too specific to help.

Thankfully I also have Weaponsmith that I can work on sometime.

theodwine said...

Right on.

You'll find that hunters value the bow chants and oils you can make, too.