Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ravric: Great Barrow-Downs Romp I

While much was accomplished with the fellowship between Ravric, a captain of little legend, and Moondog, a minstrel of great legend (including saving a moronic hobbit woman in the Barrow downs from and saving some stupid brigand lover, again woman, from being passed around by brigands), we took a large romp through one of the dungeons in Eriador: The Great Barrow.

The dungeon is full of elite spiders, wights, and gaunt men (as far as I know men that have been so infused with evil Melkor energy that they became Evil). I was under-leveled for the dungeon, and Moondog was way over-leveled. That meant that Billdo and I, basically hit 50% of the time and did very little damage to anything, while Moondog, the minstrel, took most things out. It took us awhil to get our method, but I did the best by using the skill Telling Mark, that is supposed to increase damage done to the marked foe. And so we killed them...

Moondog was mostly the tank, and felt it many times... but his morale rarely got below 80%, no matter the swarm we pulled.

Our first boss fight was against Thadur the Ravager a gaunt man elite. He possessed one half of the skeleton key that I needed for the dungeon. Thadur came at us, and when lost so much of his morale, he would call his goon wights in and run away for a second or two. We were doing quite well until the goon wights in the last bit go really lucky and dazed Moondog for quite some time. I staggered (ready to retreat), but Moondog made it out of the event before he too fell (he ran out of Power). The next time we faced the boss (minutes later and more readily buffed), we were much better prepared for the goon wights. Thadur went down quickly.

We made it quickly to the bosses that had the next half of the skeleton key (having been through nearly the whole dungeon and enemy patrols to find Thadur. Unfortunately, Moondog ran out of juice really quickly, and we had to retreat to the end. I will save our triumph over evil for another day. We ran out of the Great Barrow, and found ourselves face to face with a fellowship that most likely would triumph.

We had a great play session, and while we could not complete the dungeon, we did accomplish much. I tried out some new software that would take screenshots every 30 seconds. It worked out quite well, and it gave me tons of screenshots I would normally not get. I just have to remember to also take screenshots manually as well. Here is my favorite timed screenshot:

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