Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moondog: Haudh Iarchith

My posts frankly won't be as finely hand-crafted as Rav's. I plan to just info and image dump on y'all. Hope that works out for ya. ;-}

Well yesterday old Moondog Shewsbane, Hobbit Minstrel by trade and Councilman of the Secret Fire, took a trip with some of his kinmates to one of the deepest, darkest, dreadfullest dungeons in the acursed Barrow Downs: Haudh Iarchith

The Barrow Downs were the great battlefields and then later burrial grounds of the hubric heathen kings of ancient Eriador. These were men but not Men of the west. Their avarice drew their mighty kingdoms down in corruption and conflict and now here they lie, damned to forever haunt their elaborate tombs.

You can gain reputation with the Men of Bree faction by cleansing fell places such as this on the fringes of their homeland and bringing back relics by which to remember the solemn history of the region.

At any rate... here's a taste of the unpleasant but dramatic and daring adventure we had. (click images for larger size)

I swear it was a bright sun-shiney day trapsing over the farmland of Bree to get to the Barrow Downs... now everything seems so bleak.

In the midst of the dark tunnels of ancient kings, Dwarven Hunter Buldori keeps a keen eye and a quick trigger finger for what evils lurk in the shadows.

In a grand chamber our party is accosted by the wights who were once great men, trapped too long in unending horror of their own greed and obsession. Elven Lore-Master Gorandir, followed by his faithful Raven companion charge down this stairway to aid our Champions in combat.

A whole section of catacombs has been overrun not by the dead, but infested by another ancient evil, giant spiders. Woman Champion Kaelin (she knows how to swing that big-ol' axe!) takes on this one while Elven Champion Zenaidura squishes another and Hobbit Hunter Jesla plinks away!

Where does this stair lead? An unfinished and flooded tomb? What horrors lurk down here?

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