Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ravric: Wight Giggin'

The repair bill for the foolishness the session before was about 20 silver, and I still came out 10-15 silver ahead. So, it wasn't horrible. I was being stupid though, but hopefully Disseminated will help me with the quest tonight.

I mostly just killed wights and barghests in the barrow downs. I did get to level 18 thanks to the experience bonus, and so spent most of my time in the southern barrow downs, where its a little harder. At level 18, I got my first Tactics skill, which is a 30 minute buff. This one raises my chance to parry by 3.5%.

In the southern barrow downs, there is my first true dread causing enemy. I think going through Book 1 of the story quests, I did face a dread enemy once in awhile (especially Book 1, Chapter 11, where you go down into a "more evil" barrow. The wight is a Noxious Barrow Wight, and they cause Dread, Fear, and Disease. Dread is like a "balance" mechanic in that it takes away your max health, ups the damage you take per hit, and lowers the amount you get healed. Fear is a damage over time effect, and Disease mostly lowers attributes for a few minutes.

I should be finishing up my first pass of deeds (the second pass deals with a level 40+ dungeon) in the Barrow Downs fairly soon, and then I am heading back to the Old Forest.

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