Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ravric: Into the Lonelands

I hit level 20 this afternoon while grinding orcs for a deed (and a quest). Level 20 is nice for a Captain because they can wear heavy armor and start to use banners on the ground (instead of heralds). I also got to customize my Herald, and Billdo decided he didn't like the armor I bought. A salty swordsmaid did, and now I have a new Herald who deems to call herself only Maiden. Maiden and Ravric get along nicely in the cold Loneland nights.

The Lonelands are due east of Bree-Land, and whereas Bree-land is full of crops and green-ness, the Lonelands are scrublands and desert. At least, from what I have seen. I took a saunter in to the Forsaken Inn, basically a whole community in one building, to find out the goings on of the land. This was a nice relief from running all over the actually forsaken Bree to merely repair items.

It seemed that the most pressing issue was that White Hand Goblins had overrun Minas Eriol to the southeast of the Forsaken Inn. This had completely stopped trade as the people of the land, that I talked to at least, were merely gypsies who scavenged the ruins of the Second Age. The shit they sold bought them food and underclothes from Bree, and the goblins had come up in their shit.

I did like what I saw when I did the first few quests, which involved killing a few goblins and rummaging through piles of shit for shit for the gypsies. There were wargs and wolves that used stealth, and the goblins themselves used varied tactics. It was all quite fun, and I cannot wait to start Book 2 this week.

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