Sunday, May 18, 2008

Storytelling: Book 2, Chapter 9 - Agamaur Secured

My service to Radagast was at an end, for now. The farewell was hasty, and I knew I had become merely a speck of dust in the wizard's tale. The thought of a future time when the Strength of Man would no longer need the Istari "counselors" would be a good one. They were helpful, no doubt, but also fickle. Fickle like elves fleeing to the west.

Elsa, a few surviving Eglain, and the half-cursed shades had created a rudimentary outpost in Agamaur. I granted Elsa's request to carry some stuff back to Ost Guruth, as I was heading to the ruinhold anyway. A swift horse was ready to carry me back to Bree, and then north. I had heard the Rangers of Esteldin needed help... against Angmar.

I left through the Red Pass with a bittersweet thought. Ivar and the Red Maid still stood, their poison still flowing into the forsaken lands. Had I really accomplished that much during my time in the Lonelands? Had I really made a difference? People talk of how if the Lonelands fall, Bree-land might be next. I do not see any part of the Lonelands still standing. Northward there may be greater hope.

Hana gave me curt thanks for the delivery. Ever since Maiden gave her an mouthful of mirth for giving me a few extra biscuits with my normal ration purrchases, my dealings with Hana had been overly business like. I do not think I will ever bee seeing her again.

Frideric, the elder of the Eglain, was a more cheerful face to see. He told me of how supply lines between the ruinhold and the Agamaur outpost. I saw a little change then. Maybe other brave adventurers would oust Ivar and his red bride. Maybe I would eventually heed their call.

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