Friday, May 16, 2008

Storytelling: Book 2, Chapter 8 (ii) - The Red Pass

The shade shouted to his companions-in-death, and immediately the whole area arose with a force of ghostly heroes. They charged outward and led us towards Garth Agarwen, where the gaunt lord would be found. The sight of following the cursed shades into battle to fight The Enemy filled me with such great hope. They were unstoppable, and wights fell before our mortal blades could reach them.

After the din of the ghostly blades vanished into the background, we found ourselves surrounded by Eglain and Radagast. It seemed that during our battle with Neven, Radagast had come upon the two lost Eglain and their company.

I spoke with Elsa briefly, and she said that Ivar was far too powerful. He controlled the wights, the water, and even the trees. She felt that with Radagast at her side we might have a chance, but Ivar was not the source of evil. I saw the brown wizard waiting impatiently in another area of their last bastion encampment; so, I figured I would tell her the tale of the Red Maid another day. This one would be filled with hope and the fall of Ivar.

We strode towards the gates of Garth Agarwen, and as Elsa had predicted the water rose up against us again. Radagast called a halt to Ivar's weak manuevers and summoned the gaunt lord forward. Ivar appeared and use foul magics to stop us where we stood. Radagast smirked as he was impervious to the Angmar-magics. It was a battle like none I had ever seen. Radagast called lightning from the sky while Ivar called evil spirits from below. The gaunt man was the first to cry out in pain, and ran away. He claimed the Red Maid would have us soon enough, but the wizard's final words were stronger in heart.

The wizard thanked us for the help. He said he would be staying with the Eglain for sometime to help combat the now known threat. My heart was pulling me north, but I knew I would help Radagast in due time.

After a brief respite, I met Radagast at his new study in Barad Dhorn - the new forward Eglain encampment. On the way in, Elsa and her spectral companion, Dannasen, both thanked me again for my help. The battle lines were now fully drawn in the Lonelands. Radagast thanked me with little ceremony and few words. He knew our paths would cross again, in some form, and I knew that with the wizard behind the Eglain, the while light of hope was shining strong across the red swamp.

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