Friday, May 16, 2008

Storytelling: Book 2, Chapter 8 (i) - The Red Pass

Radagast told me of how two Eglain, Elsa and Eriac headed into Agamaur, the northern marshes of the Red Swamp to fight the evil. The Eglain knew of a passageway to the area, the Red Pass, and Radagast said he too would lead us there. Radagast still believed the fool Eglain to be alive, and I had the hope to believe him. Our fellowship grew under the leadership of Radagast for we would need much power to face The Enemy.

Radagast led our fellowship through the Red Pass, and we saw the poisonous marsh Agamaur. At least in Haragmar it seemed like a few things could survive, like the insects. Northward, the Red Maid's influence was much more complete. Even the trees had become evil and untoward in the blood-red water.

There was hope, however, as we defeated the giant trees small animals came forward to talk with the brown wizard. He spoke to them as if talking to children. Children that were not in any mortal danger. Soon, we had a small parade of animals following our fellowship.

After slaying a company of wights guarding the ruins, which Radagast believed the lost Eglain to be holding, we found ourselves faced with a heavy iron gate. The way was locked against us. The ancient wizard used his magics and the gate raised. Inside the ruins a single shade stood watching our approach. The Eglain were not yet found.

Dannasen, the forsaken shade, wished to help us, but his commander-after-life had allied with The Enemy. Dannasen had no power to betray his commander, even if it meant killing innocent Eglain. He hinted to Radagast that if his dead commander were killed again, Dannasen and his company of accursed shades could help us defeat Ivar.

Neven, the wight lord was found just north of the hold Dannasen was protecting. He sat on a makeshift throne surrounded by wights, and like Dannasen, found himself amused by our approach. His humor only improved when I challenged him for the release of the shades.

And defeat him we did. I commanded our fellowship to group in a tight formation. The two vile wights that accompanied Nevin were felled by our hunters before they met our tight wall of steel. Dolley, a fellow captain, and I bellowed challenges of such strength that the bone-like throne on which Nevin had sat began to crumble. The flames of our Alowen's lore turned Nevin's body to ash. There were no dying words to upset Ambrianna's song of our victory.

Ambrianna retold the tale to Dannasen, and the veil of his curse lifted. He could not believe he had been following a wight's orders for the untold years. It was time, he said, to rise up now that he saw the light of hope.

I will finish the tale after I take a draught of wine, my friend. The tale is a long one indeed, and it must be complete if it is to inspire the Free Peoples.

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