Thursday, May 15, 2008

Storytelling: Book 2, Chapter 7 - History of the Red Maid

Emelin, once again, repeated the story of the land. I understood that the shade wanted me to get the details correct so that I could relate it to Radagast the Brown, but it was tiring to remain absolultely polite through the third or fourth telling of how the Arthedain were cursed for not protecting the Red Maid. Although it wasn't as clear before, I did understand moreso that the Red Maid, herself, poisoned the land to this end - the land she used to protect.

I gave my best 'understood'-nod as he told me to return to my master, in which he meant the Istari. I knew the wizard and I would have a small chuckle at Emelin's mislaid belief, but I also knew I wouldn't have the stones to relate this to the ancient man in an amusing way.

Ost Guruth seemed a little brighter in spirit when I returned; further proof that my actions have more purpose than the vanquishment of The Enemy.

When I told Radagast, he didn't seem surprised. It seemed I had give him only mild confirmation of what he knew long ago. He then spoke of some youths being lost. It was as if this conversation we had had happened someplace else in time. The more I deal with Radagast, the more I grow wary of any magics at all. The strength of Men should not rely on such a chaotic thing.

From the look on my face the brown wizard realized that this conversation had not yet taken place in our time, and told me of how two Eglain youths had set out to save the ruinhold from Ivar. Radagast hoped that the two could be returned after given a wise lecture. I tried to also look hopeful, but I figured if they had already made it into Agamaur - the blood swamp - they were already dead.

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Disseminated said...

I love the shot of Ost Guruth. ;-} Somewhat serene. Looks like a place clinging to civilization in a deserted land.