Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ravric: Heavy Lifting

After slaying dozens of glowing, evil spiders under the goblin-held ruins of Minas Eriol, the fellowship of Moondog and Ravric felt the time of the goblins in Minas Eriol was soon at an end. Next stop: dead goblins in Barad Ichiant.

With Moondog's violent, musical muscle the elite goblins were being mowed down like weeds. The lighting effects in Barad Ichiant were wonderful and spooky, and also gave our character's a little dread. The way to the Goblin Leader was frought with peril because a goblin sniper took a potshot at Maiden and she ran off directly into the maze-like camp. A minute later 20 elite goblins came back running towards Moondog and me, and our combine might was not enough to vanquish the goblin horde's gibbering fury. After regrouping and explaining to Maiden that the kind of agro she gave us was only done normally by Champions, we made it safely to the Goblin Leader. And killed him. Dead.

We then hopped a few fences to bypass the remaining goblin guards, and made our way north to Ost Laden, where supposedly the refuged Eglain of the Free Peoples had an ancient artifact of such worth and power that all the problems of the Lone Lands could be due to the this one thing. According to one of the refugees, it was their greatest find.

The keep of Ost Laden was filled with goblins of similar power to the ones we had just faced. Finding the artifact was relatively simple. It was a statute of such enormity that Ravric could only run after Moondog. He could not even help loot the dead bodies. Of course as all things must go, Moondog and Ravric became lost and soon found themselves under the Lornspan bridge staring up at where they were supposed to be. The movement of the statute was causing bits of it to chip off, and if they didn't get the statute to the informant by the end of the day, it would be ruined.

Moondog realized that the way was probably cutting through more hordes of goblin in the eastern reaches of Ost Laden, and soon through the blood-misted haze we saw our informant standing under some trees. He took the statue, ran off, and we were left feeling a little bamboozled.

We ended the blood-filled night peering into Mithenrost, a corrupted dwarf stronghold across the Lornspan, before returning to safety.

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