Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moondog: Carn Dum Carnage! [pt. 1]

Looking out from the Ranger enclave of Garth Forthnir the grim desolation of the Witch-King can be seen in the wastes of Angmar. We must march now on Carn Dum and see if we may depose the King's Steward, Mordirith, who still plagues these lands in his master's absence.

It is a long road into the city. Our first view upon exiting the wilderness is a long uphill road towards Carn Dum proper. Images of the terrible spectacle of fell armies of Orcs and Trolls and even worse marching endlessly out of this evil city's throat are enough to quake the hearts of our heroes, yet compel us further in. Woman Champion Kaelin, Man Guardian Bryandt, Dwarf Champion Gonhsar, Hobbit Minstrel Meijha, Elf Lore-Master Gorandir, and Hobbit Minstrel Moondog charge to their destiny!

The road has watchers. Mighty trolls and wicked Men try to waylay our advance. Dwarven Champion Gonhsar narrowly avoids the giant beast's mace blow. Cobble stones are kicked up by the impact. Brayndt and Kaelin charge in while Gorandir conjures some scientific machination to turn the tables.

This troll keeps the first gate to the city with power and rage. But, he is no match for the righteous fury of the Council of the Secret Fire! Man Guardian Bryandt and Gonshar harry him.

We make our way into the outskirts of the accursed capital city of the Enemy. Gorandir and his Eagle Companion Zorandir hurry to meet his friends in the deadly square.

This street is guarded by Goblins. Extremely tough little bastards! It takes even Woman Champion Kaelin, Gohnsar, and Bryandt a while of wailing on this one to continue on our way.

Kaelin et al. are surrounded by the gnarly Goblins. They don't have much trouble plowing through.

The wonders of the world never cease! The fellowship's quest is so righteous, and their might so noble, that an Oath-Breaker spirit choses this moment to redeem his wretched soul and aid our cause to defeat the Orcs of Angmar!

The closer we get to the city proper the more vicious terrors we encounter! At the imposing gates of Carn Dum this behemoth guardian provides the ultimate defense!

Of course... the Beast was no match for us in the end...

To be continued!


Ravious said...

There are some great shots there. Do you crop them or take them without UI? I honestly can't tell.

Disseminated said...

I turn off the UI before taking the shots. That's my exact view in game.