Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ravric: Garth a'goin

Members of the Council of the Secret Fire, led by the oath-sworn originators of the Council - Slashy and Moondog, joined as a fellowship in Ost Guruth with intentions of going into the Garth Agarwen instance to help with some of the quests. The fellowship was fairly well balanced, and there was really no trouble (read: we steamrolled the sucka) with two overleveled members. Especially with a minstrel of such a level. I was lucky to have come along, being a tad underleveled, but since a captain's job is to mostly make the other members better, I didn't have to worry much about my DPS or what not.

Garth Agarwen, like many MMO dungeons, is a melting pot of enemy factions. In our short romp, we mostly hit the Creoth tribes, and only at the end of our journey did we start hitting the Dead.

Like I mentioned earlier, we had relatively no trouble with any of the bosses. Fellowship manuevers were flying left and right with Slashy's burglar skills, and Moondog's healing (minimally supplemented by yours truly) dealt with the high-speed, over-agroing of the two hunters and the champion. It was fairly obvious we were a "green" group of dungeon dwellers, but once Slashy started to control our pace, I felt we started doing pretty well. The Grimbark encounter was over so quickly, I had no idea what was going on.

Unfortunately by the time we got to the twins, Edan and Esyld - two wights that drop a pretty good chest. It was getting late, and after the short battle, Moondog and I had to sign off for some much needed rest. I was lucky enough to gain the zweihander Aegrist from the Brother's Chest - a two-handed sword with pretty good damage. I checked out the forums, and people said it used to be awesome as a level 30 or 31 req, but now it is a level 34 req, which people say makes it much weaker. Time will tell, when I get to that level.

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