Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moondog: Carn Dum Carnage! [pt. 2] Anatomy of a Beat-Down

Down in the slave pits of Carn Dum, Angmarim, Pale Folk, and Trolls alike slave away in the vile industry of Angmar. The water here is so poluted it glows green and is so toxic that any adventurer who steps one foot in it will overcome and defeated from disease, poison, and dread. What's even more terrifying, though, is that some abominations thrive in this vile spew.

The taskmasters of the slaves are generally patrolling Uruks. These are the fierces warriors of Orc-kind. They may seem from their posture and intelligence less bestial than their less-developed kin, but they are in fact the most barbaricly monstrous fighters to be found in Middle Earth.

This Uruk Lieutenant tried to stop our attempts to free slaves from their prisons in the work area. He found out that despite his skill at combat, the Council's duty was more righteous than his, and we would see it done. Man Guardian Bryandt, Dwarf Champion Gonhsar, and Woman Champion Kaelin drive the point home.

Hobbit Minstrel Moondog sings a song of courage and battle that motivates our heroes to strike with more strength and do more damage with their melee attacks.

Kaelin's blow connects first as the Uruk spins around to respond to Bryandt's taunt. Meanwhile, Gonhsar winds up a double-helping of whoopass.

Gonhsar's fury lands on the Uruk's back, clobbering him a good one. Bryandt brings his spear round for a bite.

The powerful but slow Uruk sets to swing his mace at Bryandt's helmet while Gonhsar and Kaelin reset their fighting stance to strike again. Bryand sees the opening the Uruk has left in his defense.

Bryandt drives his spear into the Uruks gut. Kaelin quickly pounces.

The Uruk is completely harried and overwhelmed. Our heroes quickly finish him off.

As soon as he is smote, another charges in, trying to catch us unprepared. He is met with the combined force of all our warriors, delivered in one fellowship maneuver of ultimate power and precision. His world is rocked to it's evil core!

THAT made him mad! He unleashes a terrible frenzied battle cry to try to unnerve and unsettle our heroes. But they do not waver, and he is ultimately defeated like all the monsters before him.

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