Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ravric: Momentum

Book 13, an epic update, just came out, and the excitement and furvor of the Free People's bled into the mind of this humble author. Too many times did I forget to press the lovely screenshot button to tell the tales of Ravric, Captain of the Free Peoples.

Prior to the update, only the lowliest caste of people fished for the realms, but now these bottom-dwellers had figured out a way to get adventurer's to feed the masses. A progress bar and trophies. Ravric too was swept up in to the fury of draining the waterways of Eriador of all fishlife, and managed to deplete the pond near Staddle of goldfish, minnows, and pounds of lost rusty daggers. It was all but certain that the hundreds of murderers in Bree-land dumped their blood-stained weapons into the Little Staddlemire, daily.

The developers at Turbine really did well with the simple "hobby" of Fishing. It follows the progress bar of similar MMO's, but it is the small things that make the feature so well done. First, every pull (done at the correct time) will net something... even if it is just a 1 copper Ball of Gunk. Second, you can fish everywhere (some other MMOs forbid you to fish in higher level places until you get better at fishing). Thirdly, and best of all, are the graphics. As you fish you begin to see fish swimming under your line, grabbing your hook, and even leaping out of the water. The more fishing going around the pond, the more lively the graphics for the whole waterway. All-in-all, I consider this feature (that I once thought was a waste of time on the developer's parts) a success.

Ravric's travels took him from east of Bree-land to north of Bree-land, the North Downs. Whereas the Lonelands were lands poisoned by the Enemy, the North Downs were simply won by warring orcs and goblins. The largest human settlement of Trestlebridge, guarded in part by a huge wooden bridge spanning a deep chasm. Ravric's journeys mostly focused on fighting the orcs just north and northeast of Trestlebridge. Ravric slowly made himself northward towards where the accursed ghosts lay, but luckily, he found a small cadre of refugees in Amon Raith to keep company with through the night.

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Disseminated said...

Man them fields of Fornost are dire indeed! Good thing you're helping out them Rangers.