Sunday, April 27, 2008

Moondog: Gone Fishin'

Moondog, being a good Hobbit. Likes most of all 2 things... Food and Not Moving. So here we combine these two traditional pass-times by fishing. But Moondog cheated a little bit... He did move. Here's the filmstrip from his fishing trip, starting in the Shire.

Here we are in Bywater. Found a nice mossy rock away from the dock where all the other Hobbits were casting their lines. Found me a real swell goldfish here.

Found another place just across this quaint stone bridge. Some less clever anglers can be seen across the way.

Found a nice pool right smack in the middle of the Brockenborings market. Was hoping to bag a Koi but no dice.

So then I headed north across the Greenfields up through Oatbarton and found a niiice quiet beach (except for the Salamanders!) way up near the source of the Brandywine River.

Fishing in the Lake is better than fishing in the river of course. So on up to Evendim!

Borrowed the bow of a rowboat and joined this lass in a cast or two!

Finally decided to head even further north for some ice fishing in Forochel!

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