Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Storytelling: Book 3, Chapter 3 - Fallen Once More

Mincham asked me to quickly return to Halbarad in Esteldin. He explained that because Angmar had captured such a crucial spot all of the North was in danger. The Ranger also hinted at a greater evil in the hallowed halls of Fornost, but when I pressed him, he declined to say more.

It took me longer than I expected to get to Esteldin. I stayed at a farm for a day because the farmer, allegedly the last of the North Downs, refused to give up his land to marauding orcs. I knew he would not last, but he also wouldn't budge. So I helped by killing a small outfit of orcs and returning the stolen grain. The sound of Aegrist's razor edge slicing through the rain and orcs is one I will not soon forget. I hope to return to the farmer after I deal with the Rangers of Esteldin for he is a survivor, and our world needs such tough and hardy men as he.

Halbarad gave thanks for the information, as dire as it was. His tone was respectful, but I could not understand how he could say such words without the sting of sarcasm. With the threat of three separate orc tribes, and the Rangers fighting mainly against the occupation of Dol Dinen, Halbarad believed the only way the North Downs could stand a chance was to call the people of the North Downs to council.

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