Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ravric: Gwarg

While waiting for a decent group for the rest of Book 2, I decided to work on some Deeds. The particular deed I wanted involved killing the wargs all around the Lonelands. This was a pain because unlike most of the other kill-deed mobs, wargs don't have a specific spawn point and can be found throughout the Lonelands. Since I ran a lot I also indirectly worked on my deed that required me to kill craben.

It really didn't take that long, but I find I have to do deeds in spurts otherwise the grind of them really gets to me. This is the last deed I think I am going to make sure I get before heading away from the Lonelands and focusing on North-Downs and Evendim more. Some are easy, but I really wouldn't use the deeds right now. I was pleased to complete this one in the morning light.

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Disseminated said...

Nice BAD-AAASS! pose in that last shot :D